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The special quality of the concerts of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra comes to a part of meticulous rehearsals and a very deliberate examination of the repertoire. On an equally important part, however, that quality comes from the heart. It is those emotions that you can not practice or rehearse, but only achieve by passion and dedication. Only the merger of these two aspects makes the achievement of sustainable emotion possible. www.kammerorchester.com The Wiener Singakademie was founded in 1858 as Vienna's first mixed choir and was intended to serve as a "Singübungsanstalt" (an institution to facilitate the training of singing). Over the years, the circle of conductors for whom it was a matter of prime importance to work with the choir grew steadily. The list includes Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Bruno Walter (who himself led the choir for a number of years). In addition, many notable composers premiered their works together with the Wiener Singakademie to the Viennese public. Edvard Grieg, Anton Rubinstein, and Pietro Mascagni made their contributions to Vienna's musical history during the first decades of the existence of the Wiener Singakademie. www.wienersingakademie.at
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